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Magic the Gathering Coaching

Looking to step up your game?  Just getting started and don’t know what is going on?  Not sure when to draw and go or slam down that win condition? We are here to help everybody become the best that can be.  BC Comix is the place to go for MTG Coaching and mentor’s. BC Comix’s Coaching is your chance to get first hand advice and analysis of Magic the Gathering with some of the best players in the area. The key thing to remember is that Magic is meant to be played for fun and this should be an enjoyable time for you and your friends. If it is your first time playing in a tournament or first time on the Pro Tour. Know that you have great people in your corner ready and willing to help you.

Don’t think these will be junior-high-type common coaches. Think of them more like life coaches. You meet with him or her every month or so, with updates, debriefs, phone calls, Skype, screen sharing and over the shoulder training. Any face-to-face intensive time corrects mistakes over the past month and prepares a player for larger events.

Our coaches have a proven track record and are ready to help you.  In order to get MTG Coaching please contact us