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Deck Garage – True Little Red v Kaguya 1.0

Hey there guys! Welcome to the Deck Garage!   This is my weekly article where I show you the deck lists for the decks that I feature on Wednesdays and then put them through the ringer. Each week you will get to read what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what some potential card [...]

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Feature Match Article- Kaguya 1.0 Standby Control v True Little Red Fairy Tale Aggro

Hey there guys!   I’m back bringing you another feature match for the week! This week my pal and I are showing you a new take on Kaguya 1.0 control and a really sweet True Little Red Fairy Tale Aggro that Josh and I brewed together! […]

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The Many Flavors of Red Aggro

By Eli Reasons​​ Before I dive into the decks I have to show you, It should be known that I am an avid aggro player; have been ever since I started. If I end the round with less than 35 minutes on the clock, I am disappointed. With that being said, I have four decks today [...]

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My Life as a Game and Comic Store Owner

     Hi everybody! Welcome to another edition of “My Life as a Game and Comic Store Owner.” Today I want to talk about a concept called adaptability. When BC Comix was a young organization, we had grand aspirations to be almost exclusively a Comic Book/ Tabletop RPG store. Does it surprise you that one of [...]

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30 minutes to learn how to win prerelease magic origins

[download#1] This is our first episode of Play Better Magic. I am joined by Jacob Moore and a special guest, Trevor Petrelli. We will give you all the information you need to crush your prerelease magic origins this weekend. Jacob is a past pro tour player. During the recent Modern Masters 2015 cycle [...]

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Magic Origins Complete Set Review

Welcome to our full set review. We have divided it into 6 separate recordings to make it easier to listen. You can also download these to listen to at your convenience. Each is an in depth guide to each and every card you will see when playing limited in Magic Origins If you don’t have [...]

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Force of Will Feature Match Coverage: GBW Abdul Control VS. Mono Red Bahamut Burn

Hey there guys! I’m back bringing you another feature match for the week! This week my pal Sam brought his GBW Abdul Control deck to the table to square off against Dorian Ha’s Bahamut Burn list that took 2nd place at the California regional! […]

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Force of Will Spoiler : Faria and Melgis Structure Decks

Hey there guys! So I was contacted by the Italian Force of Will Team and given the incredible opportunity to have an EXCLUSIVE look at the new structure decks coming out this month and then spoiler them! I wanted to pass on these awesome lists to you guys so you can take a look and [...]

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