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Karn and Ugin: Tron Bros for Life

Spoiler season is always one of my favorite times of Magic. New cards are being shown and like most, I usually try to figure out what cards I want to try in older decks. The card that really caught my attention during the spoiler season for Fate Reforged was [card]Ugin, the Spirit [...]

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What card from Dragons of Tarkir will have the biggest Modern impact?

Let’s play everyone’s favorite game when a new set gets spoiled, ‘What card can make an impact on Modern?’  For me it’s pretty clear, while [card]Rending Volley[/card] will clearly be in the sideboard of every deck that runs Red, for the Splinter Twin matchup.  [card]Myth Realized[/card] just screams make a deck around me.  A 1 drop in white [...]

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Tiny Leaders is Big Fun

     I started playing Magic during 4th Edition with my two brothers (Josh & Curt),.  Back then it was a battle of who could drop a [mtg_card]Shivan Dragon[/mtg_card] or [mtg_card]Sengir Vampire[/mtg_card] first without it being Counterspelled ( with the real [mtg_card]Counterspell[/mtg_card]).  We played pretty consistently until 2000, after that it was just the [...]

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